Construction Group GEFEST is a General contractor in the full range of construction works, both in the public sector, and renovation of retail, office buildings

Our team is one of the leading construction companies of Moscow and Moscow region with a high level of production and modern technology in the field of design and finishing works

High qualification of our employees guarantees the successful solution of engineering and management tasks of any complexity. Successfully opened more than 300 stores of different retail chains

License for construction work
  • Design and survey works, designing of engineering networks and communications
  • The functions of technical customer, the implementation of architectural and technical supervision
  • A full range of construction works as General contractor
  • Maintenance and operation of objects of construction
  • Opened more than 300 stores. 12 years on the market. Working on the whole territory of the Russian Federation
  • Execution of works in the shortest possible time. Warranty service 24 months

Company GEFEST provides a full range of design works, which are focused in different directions, such as designing buildings and facilities, design and installation of engineering systems - heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water and sewage, fire fighting.

Ongoing supervision of projects during construction from final measurements of the premises, obtaining of technical conditions for engineering, design approvals and to complete construction of the facility engineering services of the Customer.

In our Company the perfect combination of high quality repair of commercial and office space, and high cost of services. With the aid of specialists Building Company GEFEST, you can be sure the successful and timely completion of all work. At the maximum compressed terms of the store opening, the work is organized around the clock, without breaks for weekends and holidays.
Each Customer guarantee an individual approach, each object is mandatory is assigned to a responsible superintendent, who oversees the object from the beginning to the full completion of the work. Daily photos and video report will allow You to fully control the construction process.

Our specialists, taking into account your financial possibilities will advise you on the best building materials and technical solutions. No matter whether you plan to transform a large shopping complex or a small salon, the specialists of the Company "GEFEST" will perform all work at the highest level.

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Quality repair cafe or restaurant is not only the finishing work is produced by experienced craftsmen, top quality materials and modern tools. It is the creation of a unique atmosphere in which the guest will want to return again and again. It is important to not only create cozy environment but also using design to emphasize the characteristics of the institutions, to Express its characteristics, comply with the scope of the brand.

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Installation of customer-supplied trade equipment includes unloading, inspection, completion, Assembly and installation of racks and shelves in accordance with the project. The Assembly is carried out both in daytime and at night. Possible revision of the individual elements on the object.

Our Company actively develops the production of exclusive furniture level premium restaurants, retail stores, apartments and cottages. Successfully completed (development, manufacture and Assembly of furniture) for clients both in Russia and abroad (Spain, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, etc.). For the production of furniture has its own production workshop in Sergiev Posad, 750 sq. m.. Professional master Cabinet makers with years of experience will fulfill any exclusive order for individual project at the highest level.

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Company GEFEST performs service maintenance of commercial premises and buildings. This service will allow you to forget about the decision of the problems connected with the technical condition of your store. In the framework of the comprehensive maintenance of commercial properties, all work, from replacing light bulbs to major renovations professionally carried out by specialists of our company. At the conclusion of a Contract with us for maintenance you will gain:
- quality and timely service retail space;
- presentable appearance of the store, technically good condition commercial equipment;
- expert diagnosis and repair of engineering systems and utilities (ventilation, air-conditioning, commercial equipment, electrical networks, fire fighting system, etc.);
- round the clock support, prompt implementation of emergency and ongoing applications;
complete and accurate reports for the work performed;

Professional wiring is the key to the safety and convenience of the further operation of electrical networks. Do not trust the performance of electrical work to Amateurs. Installation of electrical demands from its performers a certain level of qualification.
In the Company "GEFEST" on a regular basis employs a team consisting of a power engineer, chiefs of sections of electrical, electricians who:
— relevant education;
— have a group of tolerance of up to 10 kW;
— regularly improve the level of qualification.
— are certified in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards and regulations;
Our specialists will consider all Your wishes and conscientiously perform their work with the most modern electrical technologies according to PUE (Rules for Electrical installation), SNiP (Construction Norms and Rules) and GOST standards.
Our company has all the necessary permits for professional implementation of construction activities.

Company GEFEST specializiruetsya on the design and installation of equipment for video surveillance systems. Professionals working in our company, engaged in security issues in the complex. For this reason, the process will be organized as well. Our company will make installation of surveillance systems at strategic locations to cover the entire protected area. Remote video monitoring – today's best way to check what is happening inside the premises of the enterprise and on the perimeter.

Company GEFEST many years successfully engaged in the design and installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. We have a vast experience and an Arsenal of technical solutions in the installation of all types of air conditioners, fan coil units and other systems of comfort.